Escape Rooms are probably one of the most innovative entertainment options ever created! They offer a foolproof method of building up team-spirit and forging new ways of solving tasks!

Finding new escape rooms in every city can get daunting at times. To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the best escape rooms in four cities: Miami, Denver, New York City, and Portland!

Top Escape Rooms in Miami

Here are the top escape rooms in Miami that you can check out:

  1. Zodiac Serial Killer (Fox in a Box)

A criminal going by the name of the Zodiac Killer has induced fear in the hearts of many. The authorities put in their full effort to find and capture him but in vain.

Unfortunately, you are his next victim. You are tied up and locked in his dungeon, and you need to escape now before you, too, end up dead!

This escape room in Miami is based on a real story and is designed to genuinely creep you out!

Difficulty Level: 10/10

  1. Abandoned Zombie Lab (Fox in a Box)

A dangerous human-made virus is transforming people into bloodthirsty zombies.

In this escape room, you are a team of scientists sent to Russia to complete the cure for this lethal disease.

This Miami escape room is cleverly crafted using real medical equipment. Kids, as well as adults, will enjoy this escape room!

Difficulty Level: 9/10

  1. The Pirate’s Den (PanIQ Escape Room)

You are transported back in time to the early 1800s. You set out to find the hidden treasure of the dreadful Captain James.

The reward may be hefty, but don’t forget that blood, tears, and skulls riddle the journey to wealth.

Immerse yourself into this mysterious and challenging movie-like escape room in Miami!

Difficulty Level: 8/10

Premier Escape Rooms in Denver

Here are the premier escape rooms in Denver that you can enjoy:

  1. Under Pressure (Escapology)

In this Denver escape room, it is the height of the Second World War. You and your band of spies has been deployed in a submarine

Unfortunately, you get caught while spying on a German submarine. Now, your vessel has been sabotaged, and only one hour remains before the oxygen runs out!

You need to find your way out before you perish in the depths of the ocean! The pressure keeps rising in this intricately detailed escape room in Denver.

Difficulty Level: 9/10

  1. Excalibur (Epic Escape Game)

Everyone is aware of the legend of the Excalibur sword. In this epic escape room, you and your army of knights have been magicked to Camelot by none other than the great Merlin.

Those who manage to extract the mighty sword can claim a right to the throne.

Immerse yourself into this artistically designed fantasy-themed escape room in Denver.

Difficulty Level: 7.5/10

  1. Speakeasy Beyond the Flower Shop(Escape Works Denver)

The year is 1926. Alcohol has been banned. The police have become corrupt and work with the criminals.

The mob rules the town. Speakeasies are everywhere. Ordinary seeming shops are now fronting the illegal selling of alcohol.

You enter a flower shop, but is that what it is? Find out in this suspense-filled retro-themed Denver escape room that can be played by both kids and adults alike!

Difficulty Level: 6/10

Best Escape Rooms in New York City

Here are the best escape rooms that you and your group can indulge in:

  1. High-Speed NYC (Exit Escape Room NYC)

You hop on the train heading to the park for a fun day, but before you know it, you realize that the train has been abandoned by its conductor and is now speeding with no control.

 Can you figure out how to activate the emergency systems and stop the train before it’s too late?

Find out in this thrilling and innovative escape room in New York City that will continuously keep you on your toes!

Difficulty Level: 9/10

  1. The Haunted Hotel (Brain Xcape)

You have checked-in at the elegant Grange Hotel. There have been rumors about the hotel’s dark past; one of them is that the paintings that hang on the walls of the hotel are not as ordinary as they seem.

The Haunted Hotel escape room in New York City is the scariest check-in experience you will ever have.

This Escape room NYC is unconventional, unsettling, and quite creepy, so be ready to be spooked! (but there are no jump scares, don’t worry)

Difficulty Level: 5/10

  1. Hex of the Chinese jewelry box (Komnata Quests)

A Professor of Chinese history was found dead in his home one week after finding a strange Chinese artifact.

It is up to you to discover the secret of the artifact, track it down, and save yourself and your town from meeting the same fate.

This family-friendly escape room in New York will put you through a fun scavenger hunt that will engage all of your senses!

Difficulty Level: 6.5/10

AmazingEscape Rooms in Portland

Here are some of the most amazing escape rooms that you and your squad can check out:

1.Arcade (Escape Rooms Portland)

You are trapped in an arcade where the crazy arcade owner has decided to play a game with you!

A bomb with a timer is set to go off in 60 minutes unless your team can solve the puzzles to get out before it explodes.

This exciting 80s themed escape room in Portland is perfect for kids as it is not scary, creepy, or gory in any way.

Difficulty Level: 8.5/10

  1. Lombino’s Casino (In Search of an Exit)

Explore Vinny Lombino’s poker room, untouched since 1988.

Work together with your friends and family to solve the puzzles and take down the Lombino mob family once and for all!

The story of this Portland escape room develops in fun ways, and the set contains some memorable moments. The room is an excellent start for beginners, and perfect practice for the veterans! some memorable moments. The room is a great start for beginners and excellent practise for the veterans!

Difficulty Level: 6/10

  1. Sherlock’s Secret (Escape Games PDX)

The greatest detective in the world, Sherlock Holmes, has gone missing. The kidnapper is demanding a priceless artifact hidden in Holmes’s apartment in exchange for getting Holmes back.

You have 60 minutes to discover the artifact’s location and unravel clues hidden in Holmes’ library along the way. Can you help Sherlock escape? Can you help yourself escape?

This exciting escape room in Portland will have you follow the footsteps of the legendary detective and save him, for once!

Difficulty Level: 9/10