Dark Ruler

The Dark Ruler can be made when your character arrives at level 250 in mu online slayer season 15. A Dark Master does high physical and supernatural harm and can control pets. Dark Rulers likewise get 7 detail focuses per level and can swim quicker/run without the need of +5 boots as well as gloves. Dark Masters likewise have just one class change to Ruler Emperor.

The Dark Masters of MU have surfaced to help face Kundun. They have conceived pioneers as they used to order extraordinary armed forces and animals of intensity in the brilliant ages. As the danger of Kundun becomes ever closer some have chosen to return and help the residents endure these alarming occasions. Others, then again, have come back to take advantage of the lucky break to pick up power from the fights that are going to start.

The Dark Ruler in mu online slayer season 15 is a one of a kind character that has incredible qualities yet in addition makes them glare shortcomings.

The Dark Master can prepare low-level Dark Knight armors and weapons; however, it isn’t genuinely viable except if outfitted with his own class-explicit things. A large portion of the Dark Ruler’s things must be found in BOK+5’s so this character is a hard one to play except if you have just picked up these things on an alternate character.

Debuting with MU Online Season III, the Dark Rulers develop to Master Emperors in the wake of finishing the three-section journey. They can utilize all the reinforces and weapons for Dark Rulers. Besides, there are third Level Wings/Cape with uncommon choices.

Rune Mage

The Rune Mage in mu online slayer season 15 is a half-elf race, an offspring of a fairy who made the Warlock of the Honorable Partnership Arca and of Wolves. It utilizes enchantment affected by his dad and includes the intensity of the mother fairy to utilize all the more remarkable enchantment assaults and forceful buffs. The unadulterated endurance of the body is low, however, it has a solid assault power through enchantment that amplifies vitality.

As between species reproducing is disapproved of in the Mu realm, they needed to leave the domain and found a settlement called Iria and lived in harmony. At the point when they grew up, the Lemuria Army went to the town. They were making a beeline for the front to join the Attack of Cry-wolf. The Arka and the locals attempted to secure their town, however, they were rapidly overwhelmed by the legionnaires. In the bedlam, the Rune Mage lost his folks. After the fight, the Rune Mage made a beeline for Noria for retribution.

Rage fighter

The Rage Fighter is a character which can’t utilize typical gloves, however, rather have weapons which are called gloves or hooks. This character can be opened by buying a Rage Fighter Character Card. Rage Fighters have just one class change to Fist Master.


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