Bridge Card Game Tips – A Good Way to Comprehending the Losing Trick Count

The Losing Trick Count

Counting losers is really a seem method of estimating the playing strength of the hands, particularly a hands containing a couple of very lengthy suits. High card points would be best to evaluate the need for a well-balanced hands, counting losers works more effectively for that more distributional hands.

Counting S A H AKQJ9765 D 76 C 42 as 14 HCP is missing the real worth of the hands that is nine playing methods. Should you bid this like a 14-point hands you’ll be creating a gross underbid. The Loser Count is necessary usually once you and your spouse established a minimum of an 8-card trump fit (begin to see the Modern Losing Trick Count for any comprehensive exposition of the approach). Nonetheless, it frequently pays you to definitely count your losers anyway. You’ll have a concept of the potential for your personal cards and if you’re able to gauge the number of methods partner will probably provide, you are able to estimate the combined playing strength from the partnership.

Many systems describe various bids or sequences not only to terms or points, but additionally when it comes to losers or when it comes to points and losers. An increase raise with a passed hands (No : 1S, 3S) for instance could be referred to as showing 10-12 points and eight losers. The worth is within giving partner a clearer concept of the hands opposite.

Counting Your Losers

Void : No losers

Singleton suit : Count one loser, aside from ace singleton ().

Doubleton suit : Count two losers aside from A-K (), A-x (1) or K-x (1). Count Q-x as 2 losers.

3-card or longer suit : Count three losers but subtract one for that ace, king or queen. Subtract one loser for all these top cards.


A8765=2 losers

KJ4=2 losers

94=2 losers

KQJ93=1 loser

KQ4=1 loser

K4=1 loser

J8765=3 losers

973=3 losers

976542=3 losers

AKQ65= losers

AK= losers

A= losers

Inside a 3-card or longer suit, count the queen like a champion as lengthy as there’s a minumum of one other honor within the suit. Otherwise, count the queen as only half a champion.

AQ765=1 loser

QJ764=2 losers

Q104=2 losers

KQ765=1 loser

Q8764=2½ losers

Q74=2½ losers

Your losers minus partner’s winners is an excellent method to estimate the combined strength (7 losers – 4 winners = 3 losers, i.e. 10 methods). Alternatively, count your losers, add partner’s losers, subtract the entire from 24. The reply is the secret-taking potential.


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