Play These Games & Earn Real Money on Your iPhone 14

If you have an iPhone 14, you have a high-tech side gig machine.

Seriously, consider all of the apps that can help you make money while relaxing on your iPhone 14. You have a bonafide money-making machine. Start earning money on the side just for playing and scrolling on your phone.

We found some of the best games that pay real cash available on the Appstore. Here’s how they work.

These money-making iPhone games are available for 100% free download. Once they’re installed, take a moment to create your username. This name is what will show up on your competitors screen, so be sure to choose something that captures your personal flair. A username is all you need to start playing free practice rounds of the game.

To earn cash with these games, enter into a cash prize competition by submitting an entry fee. Entry fees are very low cost, they can run anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar or so.  Cash prizes can be worth between 2x to 100x your entry fee depending on the tournament.

Games only take two minutes, so you can win up over $250 in the snap of your fingers.

When you start playing for cash, you’ll have to confirm your location in the app. There are some geographical restrictions to cash prize tournaments.  If you reside in one of the following states, cash prizes are unavailable to you at this time.

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee

If you do live in one of the states listed above, don’t worry! You can still play unlimited free practice rounds of our favorite games.

If you don’t live in one of the states listed above, you can start earning on the side today. Now it’s you and your iPhone 14 against the world, happy money making!

Pool Payday

8 ball, billiards, and more.  Pool Payday will reward you for anyway you like to play pool. Personalize your gameplay with custom pool cues and show your flare with trick shots that earn you double the points. This is the mobile pool game with legit rewards. You can win hundreds in real cash prizes when you play in tournaments and competitions in the app.

Bubble Shooter Arena

This game is the definition of simple fun, blast bubbles to score points. Games last for only three minutes, but you’ll want to play again and again. Choose your preferred game play, play in solo mode or in multiplayer mode. Earn legit prizes by challenging people around the world and climbing the leaderboard.

Bubble Cash

This bubble popping game is one of the App Store’s top games for a reason. Win free cash with this binge worthy game by entering into tournaments where you face opponents of your same skill level. You’ll love the colorful graphics and mega rewarding gameplay.


Making money has never been as fun as this. You can make over $50 a week on your iPhone 14 just by playing games. There are tons of games that can get you paid, and these will get you on your way to earning cash in your free time.

These legit real money games will put cash in your pocket, no matter what your gaming experience is.